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Supporting the NHS

AJM Healthcare is supporting medical practices within our local wheelchair services areas, by providing wheelchairs to help with the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

The wheelchairs are helping the most clinically extremely vulnerable to attend for their vaccinations easily, without the burden of taking along their own wheelchairs.

So far, we’ve provided over 40 wheelchairs from our wheelchair services around the UK.  Often, these are rapid response requests, and we’re proud to have frequently been able to deliver these on the same day or next day at the request of the CCG.

To further support the NHS which, due to increased COVID-19 numbers, has a shortage of therapists, we’ve put together a team to support hospital discharges for Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes.  Our team of therapists and administrators is planning patients’ aftercare out in the community.

Do you know of anybody we can help?  Please contact Guy Eatherington

Visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine – NHS ( for the latest NHS vaccine advice.