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AJM Healthcare Quality Account, 2022-2023

Our approach to quality is driven by aiming to be the leading wheelchair service provider to the NHS. This will be achieved through a culture of embracing change, sharing beliefs, acquiring knowledge, demonstrating right behaviours, positive attitudes to work, and sharing the same values.

We have achieved much of this through adopting NHS initiatives, as well as our own; formalising them, funding their implementation and promoting their outcomes.

Our clinical director, Dave Long, is our NHS quality lead. Dave’s role is to ensure compliance with the quality requirements of our contracts. He engages with the CCG quality leads and liaises with them and our operational service managers in respect of all aspects of quality.

Additionally, we work proactively with NHS England, the National Wheelchair Managers’ Forum (NWMF), the Posture and Mobility Group (PMG), the Rehabilitation Engineering Service Managers’ Group (RESMaG), the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to ensure quality services through best practice.

Our quality account tells you more about our commitment to provide you with high quality healthcare services, encourages us to focus on service quality and helps us find ways to continually improve.

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