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Co-production measurement tool


Co-production is an equal relationship between people who use the services and the people responsible for services.

They work together, from design to delivery, sharing strategic decision-making about policies, as well as decisions about the best way to deliver services.


Co-design is when people who use the services are involved in designing services, based on their experiences and ideas.

They have genuine influence, but have not been involved in ‘seeing it through’.


Compared to the consultation step below, people who use services are given more opportunities to express their views and may be able to influence some decisions.  This depends on what the people responsible for services will allow.


People who use services may be asked to fill in surveys or attend meetings; however, this step may be considered tokenistic if they do not have the power to influence or affect changes.

Information and education

The people responsible for services inform people about the services and explain how they work so that they gain relevant information.  This may include telling people what decisions have been made and why.

The people who use services are helped to understand the service design and delivery so that they gain relevant knowledge about it.  That is all that is done at this stage.