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A day in the life of a field service engineer

How did you become a field service engineer?

I’ve worked here for six years now.  Before that, I worked as a support worker and maintenance engineer.  A friend asked me if I fancied becoming a field service engineer and the job appealed to me.  I really enjoy working here.

What are the best aspects of your role?

Over the last six years, I’ve got to know the service users really well.  I enjoy travelling around the county and I get to meet some very interesting people.

I really enjoy repairing things and problem solving.  The more of a challenge it is to repair a wheelchair, the more I enjoy it.

What does a typical work day  look like for you?

I collect my job sheets and wheelchair parts the night before from out of the service centre, then drive home.

I plan my route and leave home at 8.00am.  I will have between 10 and 14 jobs to complete during the day.  This means that I can travel around 150 miles per day.  My day should finish at 4.30pm, but if I am on call and must attend breakdowns, I can be on the road until 10.00pm.

What do you do to relax?

I enjoy sports that get me out in the countryside.  I recently ran the 10K challenge to raise money for MIND.  This involved me running 10 kilometres a day for 7 days, and I raised over £1,000.

I love mountain biking and spend a lot of my spare time doing this.

My other passion is photography and every year, I release a calendar for family and friends.