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A day in the life of a clinical lead

What was it that inspired you to follow this career path?

It offered the perfect combination for two of my loves; the opportunity to work within a developing, fast-changing, health care environment and the ability to support, care for and help people to become more independent and productive within all the areas of their lives.  Even if you are just focussed on a single activity, the outcome often influences more than one area for your client.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

Coffee?!  My dog as he needs to go out!  More coffee!  There is a lot – both personally and professionally.  I have a strong conviction to be the best I can be in the different roles and responsibilities I have.  I get immense reward and satisfaction out of being able to help my clients, support my staff and try and do my best for my employer.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

First priority when I get to work is coffee(!) – then I prioritise and plan my day.  Wonderfully, my work days vary – it can be a clinical day (my favourite), but also, it’s important to spend quite a bit of time on the admin side of things.  Non-clinical days can vary hugely!  I’m fortunate enough to be involved in all sorts of ways and I need to be available to either offer leadership or just jump in and help out.  (I love getting my tools out and working on the wheelchairs).

Once a month, I travel to meet with clinical leads from our other services.  It’s good to have the link with the other services in the organisation and always offers an opportunity to learn from each other.