Clinical Assessments

Our specialist wheelchair therapists carry out full clinical assessments to ensure the wheelchair meets the needs of the user.

Specialist Wheelchair Therapists

A full clinical assessment by a specialist wheelchair therapist ensures the correct wheelchair is prescribed for the user.
Our clinical staff include:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Specialist Seating Therapists
  • Rehabilitation Engineers

Upon review of the referral form, the most appropriate Wheelchair Therapist will be assigned to perform your assessment – as therapists often specialise in certain groups such as adults or children and certain conditions such as MS, MND, and Learning Disabilities.

Depending on the complexity, a more senior therapist may be appropriate and extra time is allowed for the appointment to ensure the best possible care.  Children and users with learning disabilities are always given a double length appointment.  Children will also have more frequent reviews and re-assessments for new equipment as they develop.

The wheelchair clinical assessment may be performed at our main clinic, a local satellite clinic or at your home.  For some users, an environmental assessment will be required at your home, to ensure your safety and extended needs are considered.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

We aim to give you the most holistic assessment possible, so we may involve other health professionals involved in your care, so we have a full understanding of your needs.  We actively encourage users to bring their carer and family so we can understand how the people involved in your care can assist you with aspects of wheelchair use and care.  A full handover training is provided which includes how to care for your new wheelchair.

Service User-Centric Service

As a user-centred service, we aim to provide care based around your needs, aspirations and preferences.  Prior to your assessment, we would like to understand what is important to you, how you like to be cared for, and what your lifestyle needs are.

Our clinics are fully equipped, fully accessible, comfortable and designed around making the most pleasant experience possible.

Choice and Control

We will offer you choice wherever possible, no matter how small, to personalise care and put you in control.  We will ensure your privacy and dignity and treat you with the utmost respect.

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