Summer 2013 Newsletter Now Published!

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Big Changes at AJM Martin Dixon, CEO, AJM Healthcare:

“We spent much of last year evaluating where we are as a business and how we could better support  our customers. We found that the market has changed in the past few years, leaving AJ Mobility
looking a little old-fashioned after 30 years of  trading. We therefore took the decision to rebrand  the business as AJM Healthcare, and give our showrooms a new identity too, as MyHealth Centres. These Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 15.13.32changes are designed to enable us to offer the very best value and outcomes to both our contract and retail customers.

Alongside these major innovations, we also decided to promote Mark Perress to Managing Director, moving myself into a new role where I can concentrate on creating relationships with the new health commissioners and cementing those in our all important existing contracts. In doing this, we are using Mark’s wide industry and operational knowledge to the full and therefore increasing our own capacity to drive and manage change.

Finally, to ensure that we can fully support our contract and retail customers we have appointed Gary Wright as Group Commercial Director. Gary has led on our new branding and his remit is to modernise our approach to both contract and retail business. He has been busy creating a structure which will support both existing and new contract customers with innovative integrated service options, including a ground-breaking turn-key social enterprise solution.

You can read more from both Gary and Mark in this newsletter, which I hope you will find informative and enjoyable.”

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Innovation & Development Gary Wright, Commercial Director 

“I was delighted to be asked by AJM to help shape their new direction. The industry is at an exciting point as new delivery models and national agendas join the financial squeeze in moulding service Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 15.13.42development. It is more important than ever that we listen to our customers and find ways to help meet the challenges.

One of the things that we hear regularly is that communities and commissioners are interested in social enterprise delivery models, but of course these come with commercial risk. I was fortunate to work with Essex County Council and helped to create Essex Cares, their well-known trading company. This experience convinced me of the need for commercial providers to do more, especially in partnerships with the NHS, where support for start up enterprises is not always forthcoming in developed markets.

Since joining AJM I have carried out much further research and consultation in this area and we have devised a simple, turn-key approach to service delivery partnerships which can work in isolation or in an integrated way. At its core is a partnership social enterprise trading company fully supported by AJM. This model is already generating interest and we hope to have four pilots up and running by the end of the year. There is more about this on pages 6 and 7 of this newsletter, or you are of course welcome to contact us for more information.”

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New Man at the Top.  Mark Perress, Managing Director 

“As the new AJM Healthcare Managing Director, I am hugely excited by our plans for investment and growth. More than 25 years experience of this industry has taught me that any ambitious company must move with the times. The structure that we are now putting in place will enable us to lead the way with our service offer in future years, and I will be making several operational changes to ensure that our staff are empowered to deliver on our promise to our customers.

Firstly, we will be creating a new, flatter, management structure which means that Team Leaders can report directly to Head Office line management on issues within their direct area. These will be broken Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 15.13.54down into customer services, field engineering, workshop and stores/ purchasing. In each of these areas, full control will be passed to the teams with regular monitoring and support from Head Office.

This new structure will also increase job satisfaction which is vital in a business which prides itself on low staff turnover but which often takes on staff via TUPE Transfer. Helping people into jobs which better suit their skills, and which offer clearer methods of evaluation and reporting, definitely help to energise a team.

One of the key aims of the new structure is to enable team members to see more clearly the effect of their effort in improving overall performance. This will happen alongside increased autonomy and more specialised teams, driving improved outcomes for our users and contract commissioners alongside improvements which I hope will be welcomed by our people.

To support all of this, we have been investing a great deal of time in new performance reporting, largely comprised of ‘pulse’ type measurements designed to further increase our Quality Assurance whilst at the same time reducing ‘red tape’. Although these changes can appear routine, they will drive efficiency and productivity enabling us to become even more competitive.

In addition to these changes, Gary Bruce has a new Head Office position as Senior Contracts Manager South East Region, supporting operations across Worthing, Hailsham and Aylesham. We are also currently recruiting a new post for a Materials Control Manager, who will have responsibility for Purchasing and Inventory control across all depots for both parts and wheelchairs. All of these changes will be vitally important, enabling us to support both existing and new commissioning partners to deliver improved outcomes at lower cost.

To conclude, we have thought in depth about the future of our business and how it can best offer the efficiency, innovation and quality required by our customers. These changes are the right

response and they will be implemented with care and precision. They will support us in the creation of a market-leading offer whilst making AJM a better place to work and a better partner in delivering services.”