Specialist Seating

We provide specialist seating solutions and the best in postural care and mobility to adult and child wheelchair users.

Specialist Seating, Postural Assessments and Pressure Care Management

AJM Healthcare provides all areas of specialist seating solutions, postural assessment, pressure care management in relation to the seated posture. We source solutions from specialist providers to deliver the best postural care and mobility.  Custom contoured solutions include:

  • Moulded Seating
  • Carved Foam Seating
  • Matrix Seating
  • Hybrid Seating
    (combinations of custom contoured product types)

Upon review of the referral form, the most appropriate Wheelchair Therapist will be assigned to perform your assessment – as therapists often specialise in certain groups such as adults or children and certain conditions such as MS, MND, and Learning Disabilities.

7 axis robot
Carved foam seating - 7 axix robot

Clients suited to the above product types are fully assessed by our clinicians, before their determined preferred posture is captured within a vacuum moulding bag. The captured image is recorded with a laser scanner.

Custom contoured solutions are produced by a state-of-the-art 7 axis robot. The provision of custom contoured solutions remains the most effective form of providing direct pressure relief and care, for those clients with ‘asymmetrical’ postures.

Carved foam seating
Carved foam seating
Matrix seating
Matrix seating

Pressure Mapping

With all the above solutions, it is essential to be able to ‘scientifically’ understand the precise requirements of a patient with regards to pressure care management versus tissue viability. With this understood, our clinicians have their own Bioscence pressure mapping systems, affording the clinician an in depth understanding of pressure risk which can be shared with the tissue viability team at local level with a common industry recognized language.

Pressure Mapping
Pressure Mapping

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