Rehab Engineering

Developing safe and effective technical solutions to a user’s wheelchair and seating, optimising their comfort and safety.

Rehab Engineering and Postural Positioning

AJM Healthcare’s rehabilitation engineers provide a unique service to Wheelchair Users where they provide customised solutions to address mobility and posture issues that are unavailable from wheelchair manufacturers.

The rehabilitation engineer makes a clinical assessment of the rehabilitation engineering aspects of postural positioning, usually as a member of, or leading multidisciplinary team. Users of wheelchairs and specialist seating, especially those with more complex requirements, and their carers benefit from this enhanced service.  They provide information and advice on adaptations and modifications to meet the needs of users and carers and ensure solutions meet technical and safety standards.

AJM Healthcare has engineering facilities at each of its Service Centres that include precision fabrication, ranging from welding and brazing, spray-painting and manufacture of upholstery and supports.

Solutions manufactured for clients are subject to our ISO9001:2015 Quality Control Procedures and Health and Safety Risk Assessments.

Our rehabilitation staff are registered with Rehabilitation Engineering Services Management Group (RESMaG) and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) and work in collaboration with the Centre of Rehabilitation Engineering, King’s College London (CoRE).

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