‘Perfect Site’ Boosts Healthcare Business

Making life a little easier for disabled people brings a smile to Mark Perress. He’s been in the business of helping them stay mobile for more than a quarter of a century and it’s clear he loves the job.

As managing director of AJM Healthcare, Mark is proud of the tradition of providing mobility services to the NHS and delighted that the company has landed a five-year contract to continue the good work across Kent.

Mark said proudly: “We are excited at the prospect of providing primary healthcare services to about 25,000 patients across the whole county. And with a new centre in Aylesham on the Stour Valley Estates’s CT3 Business Park, we’re raring to go.”

Until this year, AJM had healthcare centres at sites in Rochester and Canterbury, but since getting the lease for two units on the Cooting Road industrial site, it has closed both and concentrated its activities on Aylesham. The east Kent HQ now employs three people in customer services, six in a workshop and eight field service engineers. There’s also an extensive storeroom. In all, the company employs more than 70 people across the south, some of whom have transferred from the NHS.

Mark, a father of three who lives near Winchester in Hampshire, said the Aylesham site was perfect for the role, with enough room to expand and in a good position, just off the A2 on the way to Dover.

AJM, which has an annual turnover of £5 million, provides many healthcare products to improve mobility of patients, including powered wheelchairs. Mark, who started work with a specialist lift company before moving into the wheelchair business, said he loved the idea of helping disabled people to become mobile again. He is proud of his staff’s “caring, sharing” attitude to their customers and speaks glowingly of the joy of making life easier for everyone, from children to the elderly.

“I love to see the smile on a person’s face when they try their wheelchair for the first time. Frequently we are giving them back their freedom and independence, which is a great thing to do.”

AJM works closely with six NHS clinics across Kent and shares customer information with care and security. Staff fit, supply and maintain wheelchairs and other aids and understand the need for discretion and sympathy.

“We love happy customers,” said Mark. “We realise how much of a difference we can make, not only to the patient, but also to their family.”

He paid tribute to the “first class service” he received from Stour Valley staff in finding them ideal premises and negotiating a good, speedy deal. “The team were very professional and flexible. It’s been a pleasure doing business with them,” he said.

This article first appeared at: http://www.stourvalley.com/news-ajmobility.html